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Did you know 90% of seeds are nutrient imbalanced? Every year we're faced with the stressful environmental conditions that come with spring seeding. Seed nutrition can be a critical tool in dealing proactively with plant stress to get your crop off to a strong start.   

Adding a seed nutrient dressing to your seed treatment will ensure early root establishment to take advantage of spring moisture and nutrient availability. Seed nutrition improves plant health to overcome the environmental stress of the spring in three key ways:

  1. Drive early season vigour
  2. Cold start the crop
  3. Increase root surface area
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Learn about PreCede and nutrient imbalance with our seed nutrition videos:

Watch this video to learn how to deal with cold soils and maximize early season crop vigour.

Learn about the  six key nutrients that your seed needs to get off to a strong start.

Take a deeper dive into the importance of early season nutrition.

Adding biostimulants to your seed nutrition creates powerful synergistic effects. Learn more in this video.

Learn some of our best management tips for using PreCede. 

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Dig into the details on PreCede with nutrition information and field trial data. Learn more about the product-specific application rates and analyses.


Our products have been tested with seed protection products, herbicides, fungicides and other fertilizers. To view compatibility charts click here:

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To ensure ease of application, we have put together some simple steps to help you enhance flowability and minimize stickiness of treated grain. 

Essential nutrients vary by crop type, and that's why we've designed a specific formulation by crop. Click on the crop icon to learn more: 

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